Wednesday, 17 December 2008

New 榊原ゆい single, additional news

The January 2009 issue of BugBug Magazine will include an entirely new OVA of 15美少女漂流記 featuring opening and ending themes by 榊原ゆい. If you recognize the artwork, that's because it's from ゑむ先生 who also works for DigitalCute (MusuMaker).

15美少女漂流記 is a recurring story published in the BugBug magazines and interactive DVD series. It explores the lives of 15 girls who have drifted off to an island... and the crazy things they do there. Unfortunately at this point, there is no PV or short version of the song for us to check out. The single comes out December 24th on LOVE×TRAX☆Records, here is the tracklist:
  1. Love♥Island
  2. chance
  3. Love♥Island (Instrumental)
  4. chance (Instrumental)
If you haven't been keeping up with the busy idol, you may also have missed her recent ~IDOL☆REVOLUTION~ PV. Furthermore, Sakakibara wrote and performed the opening song of Nintendo DS game "Steal Princess", which came out in Japan on July 24th 2008 and is strongly rumored to land in the US in Q2 2009 (courtesy of Atlus USA). Maybe with the right kind of influential pressuring, the publisher will get the idea and leave the theme song in?

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