Saturday, 13 December 2008

3rd ALBATROSICKS album is called...「e」

Yup, just E. No wait, sorry! 「e」... HUGE difference. ALBATROSICKS have just put up a teaser page for their third album, which only consists of 5 tracks this time around. This is understandable, as they released a mammoth of a full-length at Comiket 74 this past August, not to mention that the members are still heavily involved with IOSYS and the occasional anime theme song.

On the other hand, restricting the mini-album to 5 tracks will hopefully force them to distill the included songs into memorable ones (and exclude their frequent duds) given the short margin for error. According to quim_underconstruction↓, the EP will lean heavily on the ピコピコ side ot things which makes this writer VERY happy. Flash expert Master Joe said that he designed the jacket while thinking about the "calm winter" that's on its way. Obviously the dude has never been to Canada, where winters are more likely to inspire new Cannibal Corpse artwork. Here is the tracklist:
  1. プラチナロマンスニュースタ (MP3 sample)
  2. Eternal Voyage (MP3 sample)
  3. Reset! (MP3 sample)
  4. いつかメロン王子様が (MP3 sample)
  5. White Myth (MP3 sample)
The sample for "Platinum Romance New Star" reveals a refined ALBATROSICKS sound that is equal parts fastidious and (intentionally) uncouth, given the abrasive percussion that Dr.ARM populated the song with. "Eternal Voyage" starts out very complex, brings in an eclectic acoustic guitar early on and uses picopico for just about every transition. Exciting stuff!

Update 12/23/08: All samples are up. Tune in later for a full review!

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電波の世界 said...

Lovely mandichan has some insight about the mini-album's title:

"The reason for the title is they were saying "nani ga ii kana~~" a
bunch of times trying to think of the title, so they came up with just
using "e" from the "ii"! Silly group they are!"