Wednesday, 24 December 2008

New MOSAIC.WAV mini-album 「こどもざいく・やみもざいく」

2008 was a phenomenal year for MOSAIC.WAV, but they're going for the throat one last time with the recent announcement of a completely original concept mini-album that will be available at Comiket 75 exclusively. 「こどもざいく・やみもざいく」 will be pressed in extremely low quantities and is sure to become one of their rarest releases, alongside the first Naoko bonus CD. The official description follows: "From nursery rhymes to death metal self-covers, this denpa mini-album is crammed with surprises!". Two samples have been made available:
  1. ひとりでできるかな (MP3 sample)
  2. おなかいっぱい
  3. おとなのねばねばスイーツ(Instrumental)
  4. 恋の死亡フラグ(Remake) 
  5. 地獄のヤンデロイド(Remake) (MP3 sample)
  6. あなたのせなかにfunny beat kiss.(Remake)
I like what I hear (especially the metal remake), the new characters are totally sweet, but I'll save my opinions of the actual music for the eventual review. For sure, this concept album ties in with some of the characters that mi~ko has been pushing on her blog for some time. I think however that this release could have benefited from an animated PV as a bonus.

Of somewhat major surprise to hardcore MOSAIC.WAV fans such as LoveChu, this album will not be released through their common channels such as Russel or Lantis (well that last one only handles their anime singles). This news comes despite Russel having just recently handled the brilliant second うじゅ single, which I assume did moderately well in sales. In fact, Russel does not even seem to have a listing or booth for C75, so it's really unclear whether or not said single will be available for the occasion. As you can imagine, this has generated a lot of rumors, none of which mi~ko will comment on...

This time, VIEWS CORPORATION (headed by this very serious gentleman) will handle the distribution of KodoYami along with a bunch of not-as-interesting items. Notice the inflated tag price for the album, ¥2000 instead of the average ¥1200 for previous singles, but fans will eat it up regardless and this is possibly a direct product of the global slump we're going through. I've noticed many other C75 items are more expensive than usual; otaku freaks aren't immune to the recession!

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