Friday, 10 October 2008

[UPDATED] New 「むすめーかー」 demo movie, Mi~ko H Voice

[Update] Mi~ko is credited as the voice actress for 巣端さん (subata-san), the catgirl shopminder who works at EroCute, the game's item shop. Wearing nothing but an apron and a cat bell, she will be providing comic relief as well as... adult relief as you can tell from the H Voice. She also looks like she has a very interesting relationship with the store's owner (simply called 女王様 or The Queen) judging from this new comic strip. Does this game keep getting better by the update or what?

[Original] The 100% pedobear-approved, MOSAIC.WAV-powered erotic game finally got its demo movie, but you won't be seeing this one on Youtube anytime soon. Boobs, boobs and more boobs is what you'll get, along with the inconspicuous appearance of a SHMUP minigame. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that a sweet girl like mi~ko can be behind such animated filth (fap fap fap) but on the other hand, it makes her that much more awesome. The video is extremely well animated and does a fantastic job of accentuating the song's quirky moments. Watch at your own risk or download the whole thing in 800x600 high quality resolution for later perusal.

Other updates on the website include some hilarious h-voices as well as a new comic strip and a slightly disturbing "hard side" event CG. (all links NSFW)


Anonymous said...

eroge & rorikon are such intricate worlds ^^

(I've already have a Mikan wallpaper ^^U)

Anonymous said...

mi~ko H Voice x_x

電波の世界 said...

I know eh? So awesome. This might be the first PC game I'll actually *buy* in years (I'm much more of a console guy).

But this isn't actually the first time Mi~ko has provided vocals for a game, H-rated or not. In fact did you know she had a very small part in Square-Enix's masterpiece (IMHO) Final Fantasy 12?

Sham Studio has an (outdated) list along with vocal samples: