Monday, 13 October 2008

IOSYS@M3, Albatrosicks Respect Album + 2nd Voyage

Today is pretty much a holiday around the world isn't it? The US has Columbus Day, Canada has its Thanksgiving and Japan has... Sports Day? Well 体育の日 is actually held in celebration of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics but of course it's just an excuse for kids to go out and have a blast... and for otaku doujin circles to release even more music. Because a bi-annual Comiket just can't hold all the amateur music Japan has to offer, the ten-year old M3 event (Music+Media・Mix, held in Spring & Fall of each year) is becoming a serious alternative for many of these artists.

IOSYS are currently at the event along with 7 of their newest releases. The most striking one is Ablitrosicks, a tribute album to... you guessed it, Albatrosicks. It looks like the characters created to represent the likeliness of Arm, Quim and Miko are gaining momentum; could a doujin anime be not so far-fetched? The CD has 5 brand-new and original songs along with a cover of 2004's "moshimoshi, bokudesu" from D.Watt's "22c" album. Speaking of which, he is the producer of the mini-album and a list of all contributors can be found on the IOSYS webstore.

[UPDATE] OTAKU-ELITE have just put up a webpage for the release which also features a full lyrics sheet and a sample MP3 of all tracks. All of the song titles and contributor names have also been translated to English. As I suspected, the whole thing is a big inside joke which pokes at existing Albatrosicks songs and themes. Not sure about the music's quality, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

Still on the subject of Albatrosicks, they will soon be playing a sold-out crowd on October 25 @ Studio Cube 326. This is, strangely enough, an afternoon show but that didn't stop the fans from buying tickets in droves. Hopefully some live footage will trickle into the intertubes but don't hold your breath. We haven't even seen much of Animelo 2008 at this point (despite the event being partially broadcast live on niconico), so I doubt this concert will get much more exposure.

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A tribute album... that soon? And woah, is that supposed to be miko in that image? Woah.