Friday, 3 October 2008

Full details on new MOSAIC.WAV うじゅ single

Although it's been common knowledge for some time, the 2nd うじゅ single was made official today with the release of the artwork and title 『天狗流三段構えアプローチ』 or "Three-stepped approach to Tengu's Flow". Three tracks will be featured namely the same-titled A-side, the previously-discussed B-side and a drama track (exclusive to the Sangoku release?) in which mi~ko once again reprises her role as the voice of Uju, the overconfident but tenderhearted Crow Tengu girl raised as a boy.

Back in early September, a short version of the A-side was quietly released. It features an impressive mishmash of melodies such as a very spacey intro moving into UNDER17-style rock'n'roll which then transitions into traditional Japanese music with a coat of denpa paint. This may yet be their most versatile composition to date, so it comes highly recommended. Too bad the short version ends so abruptly, here's to hoping the full song is around 5+ minutes. The single drops on October 18 2008 and will be accompanied by a live performance + autograph session at Toei's Movie Land.


Anonymous said...

I actually went there by coincidence when I was in Japan, and didn't see a single Uju thing around.. (;_;) Not even the CD!

Hmm the openID thingie is being weird...

電波の世界 said...

That kinda bites, but I'm sure you had a blast regardless. Speaking of which, my previous offer still stands eh?

So what does everyone think about the "new" MP3? I'm gonna be honest and say it's the best I've heard from them so far, and that's saying a LOT!!! I can NOT wait until the full single is released in two weeks.