Sunday, 19 October 2008

「天狗流三段構えアプローチ」 nabs release date

Quick update: Russel recently announced that MOSAIC.WAV's second Uju single will hit stores on November 28 2008. Disappointingly, it does not list the bonus drama track which will seemingly only be available on the advance copies which were sold this weekend...or perhaps they're just trying to keep it a surprise! On the other hand, short previews of the two included songs are out there and lead to believe (in this superfan's opinion) that this image single will feature some of the greatest and most complex MOSAIC.WAV compositions to date.

Unrelated photo is actually not all that unrelated, but definitely hilarious. This was taken by mi~ko as they were taking the train headed for their 3D concert. What the hell is Koike-aniki packing for a weekend trip? Conversely, み~こ sure seems to travel light (Yes, for a woman! So sexist, I know). Oh and stay tuned for another huuuuuuuuge article this Tuesday Wednesday.

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