Friday, 25 July 2008

New MOSAIC.WAV うじゅ image song

It seems my lustful prayers and dark sacrificial ceremonies were not in vain. A new うじゅ single will see the light later this year and a short version of one of the songs has already been made available. Titled 「ねばねば♥スイーツ」, you can sample the MP3 directly or get crushed by the massive NicoNico walls of texts. Alternately you could also check out the Joraku page for said track, since it also includes a lyrics sheet and the story which inspired the song.

Bottom line? Although this is not exactly the うじゅたま follow-up song I was hoping for, it's the next best thing indeed. So far it might not have the same long-lasting qualities that 2007's 「電脳合戦×うじゅの陣!」 possesses but it's growing on me and definitely redeems itself when you consider the absolutely devilish arrangements that Kayamori-san once again cooked up. Plus, it's only the short version of one of the two songs (or more? don't rule out another ドラマ) which will be available once the single drops later this year so I shall reserve my judgment until then. I'm guessing October 18 is the exact date (which is when the Uzumasa Sengoku Matsuri hits) and you can bet on a MOSAIC.WAV performance too, much like they have last year.

PS: Intro was taken from Dvořák's Symphony No.9 ("From the New World" - 4th movement.) Thumbs up for bridging the gap between denpa and classical music...


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