Monday, 28 July 2008

Thunder Force VI trailer will blow your mind

Although I've rarely used the "video games" tag on 電波の世界 so far, don't let that fool you. I'm absolutely, positively, irrationally crazy about collecting video games and playing the shit out of them. It so happens that SHMUPs (which Thunder Force VI embodies to the max) are one of my top 3 genres, along with RPGs and "whatever the heck feels good". TFVI revives a series that has been dormant for the past 10 years and shooting fanatics around the world are reacting to this news with great enthusiasm. Even if you're not a fan of these games, you have to admit that the trailer kicks major ass, if only for the ironic eighties adulation vibe it gives off. Indubitably, {heavy metal+SHMUP} is an infallible equation whose limit tends to infinity, and don't you dare divide it by zero. Case in point: Lords of Thunder aka "Ever since my baby's born, that's all I ever do".

I'm lucky to have a good friend who is also a huge shooting fanatic and actually kicks my ass by a wide margin (more like I waste all the credits away before he even needs one). Incidentally, said friend was supposed to start writing occasional SHMUP articles for this blog but just hasn't gotten around to... maybe this friendly little poke is all he needed? Actually I believe that SHMUP games are prime discussion material for this blog, if in no small part due to ZUN's fantastic Touhou series which have inspired so many IOSYS songs... oh yeah, complete IOSYS article coming up.

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