Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Upcoming MOSAIC.WAV summer events

Two events have recently been added to the official MOSAIC.WAV website. The first one is the "twilight listening party vol.4", an official gig thrown together by Lantis Records which showcases its artist. This is on July 24 2008 at Shibuya's "DUO music exchange" club. Featured artists are yozuca*, MOSAIC.WAV and Little Non. Except for Little Non, which I find pretty boring myself, this should be an exciting night. MOSAIC.WAV need no introduction, but yozuca* has sung some kick ass anime themes in the past, notably the ones from Girls Bravo and Da Capo. The second one is a DVD release event for 「狂乱家族日記」 or "Frenzy Family Diary" as it's unofficially known in the west. The MOSAIC.WAV clan has recently confirmed its performing participation, with August 24 2008 as the date. Location? Akihabara's ISHiMARU, fabled home of so many gravure idol events.

Update: Added one more summer event.

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