Saturday, 7 February 2009

ARM-produced 「monotone」 debut is anything but dull

Just the other day, I was conjecturing about momiji's role in IOSYS's PAI★TOUCH opening theme leading to greater collaboration projects. Thanks to a tip from mandi-chan, it looks as though I wasn't too far off! ARM has recently announced that his first non-IOSYS producing effort will be a debut mini-album for the Sapporo-based "monotone" sound unit, which is spearheaded by YAMAMOTO "the wild pirate" Momiji herself. Maybe I should quit my day job and become a full-time JPop seer...

Set to be released on February 24th 2009, the mini-album will include four tracks, the last of which is actually a drama/talk track that features the five talented voices that make up monotone (4 female, 1 male). In his announcement, ARM explains that he had no idea monotone even existed when he started working with momiji on Touhou stuff. When he did hear about them, he explored their vocal talents and jumped at the opportunity of producing their debut effort. According to him, they are a hard-working bunch and are getting a lot of respect in their native Sapporo, so it's only a matter of time before they explode on a national level. Prior to this CD, the voice unit mostly provided voices for adult PC games; but it looks as though they are turning a new page as their previous work history is all but absent from the official website.

Along with the announcement comes a cross-fade sample featuring 30 seconds from all three musical tracks. It opens with 「恋天使☆PARADAICE」 [sic], a shotgun blast of denpa to the head that will strongly remind you of the previously mentioned 「ゆっくり揉んでね☆ぱいタッチ!」 PAI★TOUCH OP, except with a distorted guitar and plenty of crew backup vocals. The two other songs are pretty good but fall outside of this blog's scope being of the JRock/JPop variety respectively, though they distinctively showcase trademark ARM elements such as the low chainsaw buzz in song #3, 「恋心メトロポリス」. If anything, I'm disappointed there will only be three tracks and (by extension) that only one of them is "true" denpa. But this is a debut effort after all (and only goes for 630円), so let's all cross fingers and wish for more in the future! Good luck to monotone and ARM.

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