Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Can a Momoi theme song grant infallible power?

Quick follow-up on the recent Momoi-doing-kickboxing-themes story. The fight just wrapped up and the video was already uploaded to Youtube, so check it out! I'm not gonna spoil the ending but let's just say.... Jienotsu probably danced longer outside of the ring than inside! Oooomph! But you gotta respect a guy who has the balls to pull off a Dokuro-chan cosplay.

OK now that you've seen the video, boy he got clobbered eh? He'd still kick all of our asses, of course, but it makes you think: maybe he overdid it with the cosplaying, theme song, intro rehearsal, in-store appearances and completely forgot to focus on the fight itself. His latest blog post is a bit gloomy but he's not throwing the towel just yet. As of this writing, there are an astounding 1700 comments wishing him well! It's clear he now has to concentrate on fighting and drop the sideline stuff. Hope that's no ill sales omen for Akihabalove's third single.


電波の世界 said...

And completely off the record, fuck that homophobic piece of shit Albert Kraus. Fuck him good.

BLT★89 said...

YESSS (about Kraus)

xD poor Jienotsu...still fun.

Anonymous said...

No Superluminal review?

電波の世界 said...

patience grasshopper. I'm on vacation and finally playing Okami, when not watching NHL playoffs.