Wednesday, 6 May 2009

ave;new project website update, CHUtastic new song

Just a quick heads up, the ave;new project website was recently given one hell of a facelift! So far it only offers a mad doreCHU rant (about world domination through sugary songs) and a nice (but non-widescreen) wallpaper but short samples are sure to follow. Actually in this case, doreCHU is more likely to go ahead with an 8-10 minute non-stop mix like he did for his recent "new;fable" Hatsune Miku album. Also if you look closely, there's a ??? link on the menu bar... hmmm, intriguing!

But at least one of the songs can be sampled out there, even in full version if want to look for it. The above video shows the opening sequence for the Twin Angel 2 OVA, which ties-up with a Pachinko game. The OVA (and its opening song 「エンジェルらいくに☆LOVEりたいっ!!」) actually came out late last year, despite the slot machines only having shipped recently, but that's not for me to comment on. Except that I'm kicking myself right now for not having caught the ave;new project song back then but oh well, can't win them all!

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Pillow said...

I dont really know Twin Angel, but what's with that Tuxedo Mask guy at 1:44? O_o

Cool song btw! :)