Monday, 25 May 2009

Chibi-tech does Contra ReBirth; 電波の世界 writes about it

It's been far, far too long since we last reported on Supreme Maid Warrior Chibi-Tech and his fearless endeavors to make this world a chiptune-ier place. You'll recall his tell-all interview that was published last year, which still gets this blog tons of hits each and every day, to the tune of pairs... no, half-dozens!! Oh right, it's been up there as a featured link for the past eight months. Mental note: get off my ass and create new featured articles icons.

That said, yours truly has kept touch with The Man, The Legend since then, but save for a New York City concert which I should have reported on by all means, I was bound in blood not to reveal the nature of his most recent projects. Flash forward to May 12th 2009, when Konami of Japan stunned the unsuspecting masses with the release of Contra ReBirth for the WiiWare. I was sorta "in the know" about this little project, because Chibi had previously told me his new employer was none other than... *drumrolls* M2 of Japan. And... it so happens that Mr. Tech himself is listed in the staff credits right alongside the legendary SAKIMOTO Hitoshi, who made such musical masterpieces as Radiant Silvergun, Gradius V, Final Fantasy Tactics et j'en passe!

The cat's out of the bag, so we can freely discuss this topic now. Chibi's involvement in the game was actually limited to the "voice unit" section, since he started working there just as the game was in the final stages of production. Nevertheless, rumors are that the next in the "ReBirth" line of Konami remixed games is none other than Salamander ReBirth. Since he previously contributed a track to the Psyvariar tribute album (which also featured Kplecraft, Blasterhead and more), then it isn't too far-fetched to believe that this is what the 8-bit wonderboy is working on as we speak. Speculation, how I love thee!

So uhhh, where's the review of the game itself? You'll have to head over to underdog game news site Siliconera, where the article was just published today. I figured a piece like this would get more exposure over there, but I'll always have this blog for in-depth Toromi features and delirious hockey/denpa comparisons. For what it's worth, an extensive Brandish: The Dark Revenant article was also written for Siliconera in mind, so check that out if you're into hardcore dungeon crawlers.

Of course, this newfound job also means one thing: MoeNES, as we know it, will probably never get released. I'll try to poke the guy (no, not in that way) about the future of the Denpa/Moe/Chiptune album that may tragically never be. In the meantime, you could always check out two "newly" released MP3s that showed up on his blog soon after his February 28th appearance at NYC's The Tank. And that beautiful 「ub1P☆ib2P」 cover art is what we call, in this artistic denpa milieu, "a mandichan". Yup, more salt in the wound. God damn it chibi-tech... you're such a tease!

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