Saturday, 21 March 2009

Love Bullets II & ULTRA☆U2: Full tracklists, samples and special guests

GWAVE are about to deliver a solid knockout punch to the denpa and moe song scene this March 27th when they release two brand new albums that should become instant classics. U's reputation already speaks for itself as she has constantly released quality albums over the past 5 years, but team Love Bullet's popular new series has taken everyone by surprise, especially considering the short 3 months gap between the two volumes.

ULTRA☆U2, as the name suggests, is U's second proper album, but don't forget about her multiple singles, the FrontWing compilation album which clocks in at a massive 48:30 or her 2005 debut "mini-album" Ultra:U that weighs a respectable 31:48. This follow-up is being billed by GWAVE as the "revival of a series", so there's bound to be more U music that follows this release. As is the case with 99% of her previous albums, she composes all of her songs and writes all the lyrics. Now that's dedication!

The big news (or sad news if you are one of his detractors) is that sire 小池雅也 (KOIKE Masaya) has contributed quite a few guitar solos and accompaniements to the album, giving a deeper significance to the "revival" theme previously discussed, as he originally gave her guitar lessons back when she started composing songs. All that's left is for him to act as her "band master" when she finally pulls her first live concert... which will come out on region-free DVD of course... *le sigh*

KOIKE-aniki contributed solos to tracks 2, 3 and 7 and completely remixed track #5, so look forward to that! Click the links for short version MP3s, but note that the love-go-round sample is NOT the remixed one!

1. GO GO☆ら~びゅ
2. i save your place!
3. 恋のサイエンス
4. Hi-Fi day
5. love-go-round すぺしゃるばーじょん(REMIX)
6. 情熱よFly away
7. コトノハ ~my leaf of words~

Team LoveBullets consists of 井上みゆ (INOUE Miyu) on vocals and 磯村カイ (ISOMURA Kai) on everything else. The first album was reviewed here recently, so no need to redo the introduction. With the full tracklist release comes two new downloadable songs, namely the energy-packed "Dragon Girl" and the (unfortunately) slow "Call my name", which has this blogger slightly disappointed, no matter how fitting the theme song may be given the game it was written for.

Kai-san did say on his blog that they were shooting for more variety on this new album, looks like this is what he was talking about. "Dragon Girl" on the other hand, should deliver exactly what fans of the first album were hungry for. As expected, Famishin makes a return as a guest composer, but they're not specifying which track(s) he wrote. Here's the track listing as well as short version download links. Hopefully one of these songs will get a PV like 「マジカワ」 did.

◇Love BulletsⅡ◆◆
1. Reload your love-bullets!
2. ドラゴンガール
3. ハイテンション・デート
4. Call my name
5. PrincessSweets
6. ぼくらはねがう ねがいのかぎり
7. Like a cosmic heart
8. Love BulletsⅡ

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