Tuesday, 22 December 2009

C77: Birdtune and Satuki team up for Sweets Palette

Is there such a thing as a 電波萌え萌え overdose? If "Sweets Palette" was some sort of food instead of a record, would if get featured on This Is Why You're Fat?!? No doubt in my mind, but I'll take the risk. Birdtune enlisted the aid of blog favourite Studio Satuki (along with quite a few others) to compose a song for their upcoming C77 album 「すいーつぱれっと」. All involved staff can be found on the official website.

This is actually the second in a series of Touhou Arrange CDs for Birdtune. The first one, 「東方ちゅんちゅん郷」, came out mere months ago at M3-24, so odds are it is still available for sale. As of this post, samples for the second album weren't available, but you can check out the first to get a pretty good idea. IOSYS take note: this is how you do a GREAT Touhou comp! No more filler bullshit, plzkthxbai.

UPDATE: Due to manufacturing problems, release of this album has been postponed to Reitaisei 7 (March 2010).

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