Saturday, 26 December 2009

C77: More Sexy Touhou Denpa from Holic Service

School has been out for a couple weeks now, but the extra cute characters in Holic Service's "Energy Reimen" have to study year-round. 「お受験せんそ→☆」 is the fourth entry in their Touhou-inspired denpa series and the theme seems to revolve around preparing for really tough exams... while wearing a cute school swimsuit, of course. Make sure you visit the official website for a convincing eight-and-a-half minutes sampler (or just download it directly). This time around, KuKuDoDo enlisted new blood with t+pazolite/[C.H.S.], tio/emroots and iDOLM@STER remixer superstar 未来派, but past collaborator o.k.o.G4 is back for another wild ride.

What, you've never heard of KuKuDoDo and crew? Holic Service were the subject of an Under The Scope feature earlier this year, which even drew praise from KuKuDoDo him-fucking-self. All things told, their C76 album 「エネルギー冷麺 もうこはんっ!」 was probably my favourite denpa album of 2009, simply because it is PERFECT from start to finish. Never a dull moment, packed with ingenious features and full of lovely/dreamy voice talent. The bar is high, but I believe this fourth entry will push it even further. Only a couple more days to go!

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