Friday, 18 December 2009

C77: ARM to unleash denpandemonium with first best album


Well the official IOSYS website was recently updated to reflect their C77 goods, including one of the biggest bombs to drop in the '09. Now you too can nuke a small country of your choice with 「ワァオ!ハイパー電波チャン - ARM商業作品集 -」, ARM's first 100% denpa "best album". Woah! Hyper denpa-chan compiles some of his most memorable eroge/manga/anime theme songs, the majority of which were not available for purchase. They even managed to include ARM's fantastic contribution to last year's anime cover album by 桃井はるこ!

I find it satisfying on many levels that I've been dying for an ARM compilation album and then WHOOMP there it is. Proof that he does read this blog on a daily basis. Too bad he was too shy to proceed with the interview I had in mind for him. Give this 3-minute long sampler a listen and prepare to be blown away. Complete details and credits available at the official website. Here's the absolutely mind-numbingly incredible tracklist for what is sure to become an instant classic. Like your own private little bitch, I've gone ahead and provided links to full versions, except for one of them...

01. ヒステリックソーダ
02. 聖夜のスペシャルシューティングスター
03. エンドレスヘブン
04. ちゃっかり+ちょっくり+ななななー feat.ayumikos
05. 揺れてはじけてあふれちゃう☆魅惑のペンギン娘 1.55倍速electroclash
06. ものがたりを探して
07. あわだっちゃ☆パニクリバニラ
08. ゆっくり揉んでね☆ぱいタッチ!
09. ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) (IOSYS REMIX)
10. 乙女ゴコロ×局中法度 ~だんだら shooting MIX~
11. ハッピー☆マテリアル


Unknown said...

Princess Party won't really be missed though? I mean the song, like, wasn't the best or anything? ANYHOW! This is like the first Comiket release I'm really looking forward to I think?

電波の世界 said...

Well this is purely my opinion of course but I happen to think PP was one of the best denpa songs of '09? I found myself listening to that single song a lot, which is not something I usually do (I'm more of an album guy).

ANYHOW my album guy senses are tingling with this one, I predict it won't be leaving my iPod until very late in 2010. Like, I think I'm already sad knowing that there won't be another one of these so soon? But the website does refer to it as a "volume" so yeah, they're certainly not ruling another one down the pipeline.

mandichan said...

The reason Princess Party not includied is it's by Void, not ARM!

電波の世界 said...

^ WOW AND I KNEW THIS TOO... what an idiot I can be sometimes. He also wrote the spectacular アリスと大変な感じになりました (sung by momiji) on the Touhou Denpa album (M3-23). Well it's a 恋色マスタースパーク remix, really. Maybe the second volume will be a BOIDO compilation?

Unknown said...

I personally found Princess Party to be a bit too much of an overcrowded clusterfuck, which is weird because IOSYS is usually good about that sort of thing but I just found it overwhelming in that case. However, if it isn't ARM I guess any discussion is pointless in this case?