Thursday, 24 December 2009

C77: Ta Chi Tsu Te Toromi has a new CD v1.7+

とろ美 has a new album coming out at C77! What a year for the secretive young lady. She first gained notoriety with とろでん, a song for a Suzumiya Haruhi Wii dance game. It still spawns a ton of fan renditions to this day, including some very impressive stuff. Then she had a great summer comiket release with 「SECRETORO×MEROCONCERT」, a collaboration album with めろこ and Lisa Records. The songs were pretty good, but some of the MC between each track is just downright hilarious.

This winter comiket CD is actually a bit of a compilation. Most notably, it features 「とろみかん 果汁0%」, a short-lived single that came out at M3-24. Then, from what I can gather out of the posted album cover, it also includes some (hopefully remixed versions of) songs from her 2006 mini-album 「たちつてとろ美ちゃん Ver1.2」. The rest are probably new. Of note, track number 3 "plus one" has English lyrics, though you couldn't tell from listening to the song (no offense torobaby).

Remember the estrogen-fueled denpa compilation "【電波系】作業用A - POP【痛サウンド】"? Toromi had a track on there and uploaded a nice promotional video for all to see.

She also appears in two of the most recent CRAZY OTAKU WORLD of GENKAN MATT videos.

For more super otaku party time antics, check out part two.

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