Wednesday, 16 December 2009

C77: Well duh, of course there's a new MOSAIC.WAV single

From the like-so-totally-captain-obvious department: MOSAIC.WAV will have a new single for sale at Comiket 77. Nope, your eyes are working just fine, that is a rather plump bulge on this young lady man. Well, traps are the new loli but benefit of the doubt shall be given, as the best MOSAIC.WAV songs usually come out of such twisted situations. Gotta love the cherry hair brooch and banana bag charm, just to make sure the point hits you like a fucking Blackbird.

「おとこの娘のトビラ」 is billed as an exclusive C77 item, but it will be distributed over iTunes in the near future. Just like with their previous mini-album, VIEWS CORPORATION will handle the Comiket distribution. Sadly no samples yet, but they should pop up any day now. There doesn't appear to be any game tied-up to this release, nor is it being promoted as a formal MOSAIC.WAV single... it just appears to be one of those spur of the moment things.

By the way, mi~ko (as サテラ) and her BFF 新堂真弓 (as ヒカリ, clearly the dominant one) have teamed up for a new web radio show titled アキバニュースサテライト (Akiba News Satellite). Fun times to be had by all, not much in terms of news as far as I can tell however. Although this is episode #1, they're not saying when or if the second episode will go up.


CrazySuichi said...

Ah, i can't wait! MOSAIC.WAV always makes awesome and fantastic singles! I'm pretty sure i'll end up listening to it all the time, like i did with the previous singles!

mandichan said...

Greatly looking forward to the single, it's been a while since they did an original character one like this! Kayamori actually hinted at the next CD being about a boy during a radio interview quite some time ago, but it was kind of hard to tell how serious he was being... glad he went through with it!!

The radio show is kind of "meh" to me but I'll keep listening. I like shows better when they act natural occasionally as opposed to always being "in character".