Sunday, 20 December 2009

C77: Upcoming MOSAIC.WAV "trap single" now has samples

Sham Studio just put up two new sample MP3s from the upcoming 「おとこの娘のトビラ」 single, confirming that it will be an official single after all. I could have just updated the previous post, but I believe these samples warrant a post of their own. If "Love Cheat!" is one of your favourite MOSAIC.WAV songs, take heed: the title track goes to great length to dethrone it as their most striking composition to date. Yes, the lyrics are all about traps and the "brand new emotions" they can trigger... we'll just leave it at that. But I applaud them for taking such a daring direction, although not completely unexpected.

Track number 2 is equally glorious, though in a different manner. It is certainly one of their "sweet" songs, but it packs serious heat and will grab your attention from start to finish. I believe this Soshie-chan is another one of their new characters, although her presence should be limited to this one song. She doesn't have a drawing yet, but I can picture this cute amazon-tan type of girl recommending other items based on what's in your cart, and nerds totally breaking down because UWAAA SOSHIE-CHANNNN~~~~
  1. おとこの娘のトビラ (sample MP3) (lyrics)
  2. 商品おすすめソシエちゃん (sample MP3) (lyrics)
  3. unpleasant melody~戸惑いの仔羊たち~
  4. おとこの娘のトビラ(Off Vocal)
  5. 商品おすすめソシエちゃん(Off Vocal)
  6. unpleasant melody~戸惑いの仔羊たち~(Off Vocal)


Anonymous said...

I was loving the lead up but the chorus didn't quite live up to it... Not that any of it was bad. I have no doubt I'll be listening to this one a lot.

GekkaMeron said...

I really like these songs. I'm glad that MOSAIC.WAV has not given up on fast and frantic songs. There is a boy dressed as a girl riding a giant banana on the cover and I just don't care!!!

z411 said...

Wow! I'm sure I'll love this album. Thanks a lot for posting. Nice to know they're still keeping their hyper style.

Also, traps? Fuck YES

電波の世界 said...

^ A Winrar is you.

pantsgoblinsx, exactly.