Wednesday, 11 August 2010

C78: Sweet*apple なゆ falls on two new albums

なないろぷりずむ 「東方始音曲」
Nayu, nao, ayu, gumi, koko, mi~ko, miko. So many good denpa singers with such short names, but we love them all the same. But nayu's a new one, unless you've been following her niconico cover songs channel ever since she started it in July 2009. Exactly one year later, she is not only singing her first two original songs, but she is also launching her own circle Nanairo Prism, on which she is releasing her first mini-album 「東方始音曲」.

She is bringing a few friends along for the ride. Even though this is her first effort, she managed to round up some considerable guests. We're talking ゆきまめ and ななひら on goddamn vocals, not to mention the "old-timer" 紫月菜乃 for some mature back-ups. The four arrangers are also worth mentioning: the illustrious 未来派 (WTF is up with his website these days??), Rolling Contact aka 天音 (usually known for his hardcore touhou covers), ForestPireo's own ごろう and ぴーえー from Rough Time (one of Satsuki's friends). Put together, this cast makes  「東方始音曲」 yet another must-own C78 item. Here's the PV to 「Swinging Night Fantasy」 as well as the crossfade sampler.

Rhyth 「東方レボリューションZ」
She also has a song on the new Rhyth CD entitled Touhou Revolution Z, which is their second Touhou vocal album as the name implies. Rhyth have an interesting website, looking like it was plucked straight out of the late nineties, scrolling hit counter and all. They also get nerd points for their P.S.G./PicoPico fetish and extremely cute album covers (except the atrocious first one). As luck would have it, なゆ gets to sing 「こい☆よみ」; the only "electropop" track of the album... which may or may not be the only good song depending on your point of view. Still, this is extremely good exposure for the budding new denpa starlet and we certainly wish her a long and prosperous career!

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