Tuesday, 24 August 2010

C78: とろ美 and IOSYS team up for Buddhist temple denpa CD

Title says it all, but when you've picked up your jaw from the floor after watching this fabulous video,  we'll explain how this all came together. Good? Good. Make sure to watch that shit in HD!

For just over a year now, とろ美 has been the mascot of the Ryohoji temple in Akihabara. Long story short, many Buddhist temples are closing their doors due to dwindling attendance and the ensuing lack of funds. But Ryohoji wasn't gonna go out with a whimper! The head monk hired Toromi after he saw her stunning illustrations and cheerful live performance. She's redecorated the park with a ton of cute signs and helps out with daily duties, such as singing Happy Birthday to Buddha and reciting the 16th chapter of the Lotus Sutra in her own crazy way. Thanks to her fiery reform, otaku fans from around the world come to visit and the temple seems to have become a hot ticket once again (despite getting heat from traditionalists).

とろ美  already sells her books and CDs at the temple, so the next logical step was to bring a Ryohoji temple CD to market. The idea isn't exactly far-fetched considering とろ美 is a singer first and foremost, but it's possible that the successful relationship between TOEI's mascot うじゅ and MOSAIC.WAV had some influence. A CD of her own would have been satisfactory, but she set the roof on fire by bringing in one of the the biggest denpa canons out there: ARM from IOSYS is doing the title track! He's also brought あゆ along for the ride, providing plenty of backup vocals and sexy/censored dialog. The title track is a scorcher, but the other 5 tracks are just as incendiary. In the end, this mini-album is like a molotov cocktail: first it explodes, then it fucking burns. All over our faces! 萌え~~~

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電波の世界 said...

Fuck me when she claps twice at 1:21. Such violence!