Wednesday, 4 August 2010

C78: Get ready for nanahira's 77゚ heat wave

Unless you live on the south pole (and then again), summer has been a real scorcher this far. Well, ななひら apparently doesn't give a shit about global warming as she's about crank the heat up all the way to 77 degrees... Celsius! That's a whopping 170.6 freedomheit. But don't worry, it's a "cheerful" temperature increase, so we'll all burn in hell with a smile on our face.

ゴキゲン77゚↑』 ("Cheerful 77 degree rise") is nanahira's debut album, set to be released on August 14th 2010 during Comiket 78. This is the first full-length denpa album to be announced and it is likely to be the hottest. Much like ゆきまめ and other Nicovideo starlets, ななひら mostly appears here and there on various compilation albums but never got the spotlight treatment until now. Check out the following sampler and if that doesn't work, download the MP3.

The album contains 10 brand new original songs, including a composition by さつき が てんこもり who just seems to be everywhere these days! What's good for him is good for us. There's a couple more "big name" composers such as ラマーズP (who got his own Miku album on EXIT), samfree (contributed a track to Momoi's recent remix album) and U-SKE (who started out with a song on Pico Moe 2). Nothing to scoff at here, you want these guys on your side. On the other hand, save perhaps for Satsuki, none of these dudes have a deep 電波ソング background so perhaps this album is unintentionally denpa after all, or maybe it's all due to nanahira's wild voice.

Wait, what's that?? You've never heard of ななひら before? We have actually covered her before, just very briefly. She is also known (or is that her real name? naaaah) as 奥村りお and recorded a (fantastic) song for Holic Service in the not-so-distant past. But that's about it, she's as fresh as they come. She has mostly performed on Touhou cover albums, such as the totally denpa 「starry presto」 from Halozy. She's always used a really tiny voice and mostly sung ultra-moe songs, so it's worth tracking these previous albums even if the only good tracks are hers. At any rate, crank up the AC when this baby comes out!


z411 said...

...I...I think I've fallen in love. I'll have to get this. I especially liked track 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10, and I'm really looking forward to hear track 1, 4, 6, 8 and 9. Tracks sound pretty addictive and her voice is just too cute.

Verawat Verasunthorn said...

Just got this cd from my friend, love almost every track on this one
es. track 7-9 is so hot damn for me