Saturday, 7 August 2010

C78: t+pazolite feat. リズナ full vocal album 「Honey I Scream!」

Did you enjoy our humongous t+pzolite feat. Rizuna feature two months ago, but thought to yourself "man, it's gonna be a pain in the ass to get all these CDs one by one"? Your buttocks no longer have to suffer, since the duo from heaven & hell has heard your pleas for MOAR. Introducing 「Honey I Scream!」, their latest collaboration effort set to be released in exactly one week from now (08/14/10, Comiket 78).

There is one not-so-subtle difference here... this is a full vocal album! Up to now, リズナ has never had more than two songs on each of t+pazolite's exquisite C.H.S albums. This time we're looking at a whopping 16 tracks! Granted, at least four of them are remixes (including a REDALiCE contribution) and there's "only" five actual new songs (seven if you include the intro and the interlude). Still, this saves you the trouble of hunting down all previous releases and you get snazzy new jacket artwork to boot. Here is their animated PV for the title song.

Pretty wild stuff, right? Download the whole crossfade or stream it directly from the album's webpage. 「おやすみなさい] in particular gets two thumbs up for its creative use of cellphone ringtones. Along with the new ななひら album, this is clearly one of the highlights of this coming Comiket!

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z411 said...

t+pazolite is a pretty cool guy. I spoke to him a few times and I wonder how he got リズナ to sing for him. Good to know he's using that opportunity, a vocal album is gonna be very well-received. I'm also hoping for some hardcore in there!