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Saturday, 14 August 2010

C78: おでんぱ☆スタジオ celebrating summer with new single

We here at are all about supporting the little guys, especially those can pump out 13 original songs in less than a year. That's right, おでんぱ☆スタジオ doesn't depend on ZUN and his (admittedly catchy) SHMUP anthems. As was discussed earlier this year, standalone compositions and their artists deserve much more than token lip service. Besides, if you mourn the recent passing of melo9, then Odenpa should provide some comfort as they feature at least one of the members from the dearly departed 萌え duo.

One day we'll have to take a deeper look at おでんぱ☆スタジオ and its members, perhaps even an interview, who knows. For now, suffice to say that they have a hell of a good name, as well as a C77 single and M3-2010 album under their belt. In fact, it wouldn't be premature to call their album one of the must-own denpa releases of 2010. The first single is probably out of print, but you can still get the album from Toranoana and Akibaoo.

But back to the news at hand. C78 saw the release of  「おでんぱ☆夏祭り」, a summer-themed single featuring four new tracks. You can use the but crossfade player on their website, but in case Flash crashes your browser routinely like the rest of us, here's a direct link to the MP3. Unfortunately it only seems to feature 2 of the four songs, so you'll just have to get your hands on the single to check out the rest. However this was likely a C78-only release, so you better hope these songs are featured on a second album. Hell... we should all hope for a second album, no matter what!

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