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ウマウマ8 might as well be a sampler for 電波トランス2

We've already covered EXIT's first 「DENPA TRANCE」 album and made the point that while it was an excellent compilation, it really is nothing more than an alternate "best of" from their B-list 「ウマウマ」 series. Most of the songs on UMA UMA could be mistaken for actual denpa songs, but some are particularly worthy of the moniker.

The eight UMA UMA album came out on June 2nd 2010, so here are the songs which are likely candidates for the next DENPA TRANCE selection. Click the "from" links to access the original tunes on youtube (most in animated OP/ED form). Should you wish to purchase the first DENPA TRANCE album, or any of EXIT's albums, make sure you do it through CD Japan. They recently started offering FedEx! By the way, there's a 「萌えJ-POP」 album coming out on August 18!

6. キッチンはマイステージ
Judas feat. R. Cena
from: クッキンアイドルアイ!マイ!まいん!

Holy loli macaroni, the original tune was already a little bundle of joy, but this Judas remix spices things right up. R. Cena serves her best imitation of 11-year old 福原遥 and succeeds admirably. Everybody knows the best way to a guy's heart is through his stomach, so "Kitchen Idol" is a very respectable career choice at such a young age.

8. 恋愛サーキュレーション
MK feat. CAMRY
from: 化物語 OP4

EXIT used to be hit-or-miss, but when their remixes sound more engaging and involved than the original version, you know they're on their way up. What would normally be an average anime OP with very little substance is turned into a refreshing piece full of zest and vigor. Don't be surprised if this one doesn't make the DENPA TRANCE 2 cut, but it's still worth a mention. This is a CAMRY performance, after all!

13. できるかなって☆☆☆
Ryu☆ feat. MAKI + CAMRY + Ma15
from: ひだまりスケッチ×☆☆☆

「ひだまりスケッチ×☆☆☆」 has always had denpa-friendly OP themes; observe the first and second versions, the latter of which was already covered on 「アニメトランス BEST 7」 (even though it was better suited for an ウマウマ album). But the big draw here is that motherfucking Ryu☆ is working with the three hottest EXIT singers... all at once. Any of them on their own is newsworthy, but this quartet is the ultimate DENPA TRANCE fan service.

16. Alright! ハートキャッチプリキュア!
Acid=Stone Valley feat. MAKI
from: ハートキャッチプリキュア!

People frequently ask me what makes a song "denpa". If it contains HAI!HAI! screams sharp enough to cut through various animal carcasses, then it's a denpa song. Coincidentally, this fast-paced OP theme is a perfect match for 「Heartcatch PreCure!」, with its over-the-top art style and hot-blooded magical girls. Acid=Stone Valley (great name BTW) and MAKI have created an even more insane version for this album; it's pretty much a shoe-in for 電波トランス2.

17. どっきゅん☆ハート
TokorotenG feat. MAKI
from: どっきゅん☆ハート

TokorotenG isn't exactly the most prolific EXIT remixer, but judging by this contribution, you could swear he's been doing this for ages. The song itself is an interesting pick, showing that EXIT aren't always after the A-list OP themes. It's a "character song" from an episode of the anime Umineko, sung by the character Jessica as she was cosplaying Marisa from Touhou... not only that, but the song itself is apparently full of references to the 2 previous Higurashi series. Deep stuff! Original song is a perfect example of Denpa Rock. Remix is nuts!

MK feat. Maki + Camry + Mi-Mi
from: おまもりひまり ED

Another crazy trio is at work here! 「BEAM my BEAM」 is a great denpa song, and don't just take my word for it, most people will agree it is denpa. Actually, even though this is supposed to be a trance album, this remix probably runs at the same BPM as the fast and furious original version. The voices have been lolified a little and the remixed BGM is slightly more explosive, but other than that there are no major differences. Regardless, this is yet another great example of this up and coming DENPA TRANCE genre that EXIT have a hold on.

Bottom-line: DENPA TRANCE is fucking awesome in more ways than one. It's great for the gym, for one. It's also good for long-distance trips and even when you have people over that might not necessarily be receptive to pure denpa songs such as MOSAIC.WAV or Holic Service. Call it a gateway drug if you must, but let's give credit where credit is due; EXIT have definitely spanned a sub-genre of their own here.

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