Saturday, 10 July 2010

Momoe Paruchu figure coming late 2010

Are you an ave;new projecto fan? Dumb question, who isn't. Are you a HARD to the CORE ave;new projecto zealot, ready to drop 70$ on a 12cm POP-designed Momoe Paruchu figure? This is where we separate the men from the boys (masculine form used to simplify text (point totally moot now)).

To be fair, retailer amiami is bundling a "new" Special Maxi-Single with this figure. The ave;new projecto website hasn't been updated in a while, so that's all we know so far. There's a slight chance this could be the standalone "Yoroken Sweets" single, but that's kind of old news by now (sample here). So, odds are we are looking at a new ave;new projecto single for Comiket 78!

Update 08/09/10: Looks like ave;new read paranda and mandichan's concerns for quality, so they decided to postpone the release for improvements!


Paranda said...

As much as POP designs own, I can only hope the existing pictures depict an unfinished early prototype because the sculpting and paint quality leaves a lot to be desired.

But they've been using that one for months..

mandichan said...

Yeah i was really disappointed in the quality too... a shame because i had the original pic as my wallpaper for months so i'd love a figure :'(

電波の世界 said...

For reference, could you guys post link(s) to a figure whose quality level you wish Momoe Paruchu was at?

I'll admit I'm no connoisseur, but I fail to see what's wrong with it (except the price tag).

Paranda said...

I'd say my two major concerns are:

1. Colors are faded, dull, lacking in gradients which are essential for good looking skin.
2. Rough sculpting. It's especially obvious when you look a her fingers. The clothing layer is also a bit thick and lacking in detail. Normally, you would't see this level of thickness unless the piece was a cast-off.

I guess it's more like a gashapon that got enlarged to 1/8th size. That's why I'm saying it looks kind of unfinished and hoping they'll revise before release date. It has happened frequently in the past with Volk's dolls where they'll show unfinished previews (as if it were the final product) and months later they release a revised model which looks much better.

Here are some past figures produced by Alter based on POP designs for comparison which are pretty good

電波の世界 said...

Oh wow, point well taken.