Sunday, 27 June 2010

You will dance ecphorically to MOSAIC.WAV's newest single

It's not much, but we know more about MOSAIC.WAV's seventh single. Now officially slated for an August 2010 release (hello C78), it also has a name: 「脳・内・再・醒 ~ecphoric dance~』 (nounai seisai ~ecphoric dance~). As he did with the previous album 「Superluminal Ж AKIBA-POP」, Kayamori-san randomly pulls a big word out of his bunny hat to use as a title. How about we let our good friends from the NASA enlighten us as to the etymology of the term:
Ecphory is a process by which retrieval information provided by a cue is correlated with the information stored in an episodic memory trace, thus providing the basis for the subjective experience of remembering and the corresponding memory performance. Particularly relevant to the study of ecphoric processes are experiments in which the material that is to be remembered is held nominally constant and in which both encoding conditions and retrieval conditions are systematically varied.

So "ecphoric dance" works well with 脳内再醒, which more or less means re-awakening of the brain. This sounds like a good premise for mi~ko to write totally crazy lyrics to, so let's tip our boring, non-usagimimi hats to the pair as they tirelessly prepare for their next full-length album, out in December 2010.

The latest news update also includes information about their still unnamed tie-up song for the fourth 「こえでおしごと!」 volume, due out July 24th 2010. Basically there will be a regular version and a limited one, with the various bells & whistles such an edition entails. Natalie has a nice writeup of the manga series and make sure to check out 「魔法のおしごと」, the song they previously wrote for volume 2, as well as a naughty audiobook.

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z411 said...

Holy shit I thought they were going to release it for C79 so this is good news. I have to get it, I have to touch it. Can't wait.