Thursday, 3 June 2010

MOSAIC.WAV fans get their own festival

MOSAIC.WAV fans in Japan have it all. Concerts, meet-and-greet sessions and limited edition albums, not to mention quick and easy access to their regular merchandise. Now they even have their own Fan Appreciation Festival! The first shindig will happen on June 13th 2010 at club月あかり夢てらす in Kawasaki, full details at the official webpage and mixi community.

So what should one expect at a fan festival? Basically it's one big party in a clubhouse setting, with 3 DJs spinning MOSAIC.WAV originals and their own remixed versions (that's the interesting part). There's also karaoke and a "call workshop". They encourage cosplay, so I hope to see many Tera-tans and Magical Hacker Riskus (wielding a massive trojan horse, of course). On the other hand, the selection is pretty limited for guys... oh man I'd totally cosplay as Koike-aniki wearing his Under17 outfit!!

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