Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Relax, take it easy with MOSAIC.WAV's fourth うじゅ single

Since 2007, MOSAIC.WAV have been composing theme songs for TOEI's Eiga Mura mascot うじゅ on a yearly basis. While the first three releases had absolutely batshit insane A-sides and equally mindblowing B-sides (as well as the occasional bonus track), the fourth single (as-of-yet untitled) puts craziness on the backburner.... at least for their first public promo.

This new song is actually a remix of 「うじゅたま☆うじゅりんぱ」, the very first うじゅ theme which first came out in June 2007 (lyrics sheet). However this is the "Kyoto Dialect" which, for all intents and purposes, probably only makes sense if you're a native speaker or a diehard linguist. You'll also rapidly notice that the music itself is quite different from regular MOSAIC.WAV songs, sounding more like traditional Japanese music than high-octane denpa.

Regardless, it's a refreshing new take on a now-classic composition and chances are the B-Side will feature the MOSAIC.WAV we know and love. Oh by the way, this new song was originally composed by none other than Big Brother 小池雅也, but Team LoveBullets head honcho 磯村カイ handled the remix! This is his third collaboration; he first arranged 「一件落着よベイベー!」 on 2007's 「Future-Fiction: AKIBA-POP!!」 and then composed 「最高ψ最強φメロダロイド!」 on 2008's superb 「ラストバトル! アキバトラー“μ”」 single. Speaking of which, Akibattler is definitely due for a comeback!!

In related news, MOSAIC.WAV have been interviewed by the "Uju Production Committee". As usual, み~こ keeps chatter to a minimum while かやぴ has a lot to say. They touch on the upcoming うじゅ single, the new song itself as well as provide more details on Kyoto Dialect usage. Finally, they talk about their upcoming Uzumaki concert on September 25 2010, with Kayamori-san calling this live clubhouse "cozy". Another good description would be "fucking awesome", judging by these fantastic pictures.

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