Wednesday, 14 July 2010


IOSYS has an... interesting relationship with its sideproject band Albatrosicks. They released one of the best overall punk/rock/denpa/chiptune/fucked up albums of C76 in 「star cracker」, or at least the only one of its kind. Then, absolutely NOTHING for a whole year, until the recent announcement of an Osaka concert on August 31st. They even went as far as creating a Twitternator account for the Banana Prince, who seems to be the central theme of this gig. Although he's rumoured to be married with miko in the Albatrosicks universe, she really hates his big yellow face (in a tsundere way).

Titled 「ライド・オン・ザ☆マンボウ- petit -」, this show doesn't mean much to those of us outside Japanland. However, I want to believe that what they're doing here is announcing an event which will also serve as a launch party for an upcoming record. Now that would be the tits, unless it turns out like the mediocre 「e」.

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