Tuesday, 9 February 2010

EXIT TRANCE wants your denpa dollars

I don't think EXIT TRANCE/TUNES needs to be introduced anymore, as they've already released a trillion albums since the start of 2010. But in case you've been negatively influenced by their not-so-stellar earlier offerings, then it is high time for another chance. Myself, I wasn't too hot on DJ UTO's first anime trance album back in 2007, which unfortunately made me skip the 「ウマウマできるトランスを作ってみた」 (hereafter UmaUma) series until I discovered it for the first time in mid-2009. As you can probably gather from the name, the UmaUma series strays a little bit from their usual アニトラ norm. The mood is much lighter and they won't shy from covering "obscure" Niconico memes / viral videos.

Case in point, the seventh volume in the UmaUma series which came out on February 3rd 2010 features toilet-boombox-chan on the cover and a Ryu☆ Remix of 「ぽっぴっぽー」 (sung by 初音ミク) as the opening track (compare it with the much slower but just as catchy original). Earlier volumes featured sweet Capsule, Perfume and KOTOKO remixes as well as an hilarious Japan Break Industries cover, among other things. Furthermore, the third volume holds my absolute favourite DO-DAI remix of all time... which I consider to be more denpa than trance.

Oh! I guess DJ UTO thought the same, since EXIT are about to launch into a brand new 電波トランス (denpa trance) series, with the first volume dropping on February 17th 2010. Unfortunately, there are no samples just yet, but it seems like a couple of the featured tracks are making a repeat appearance (such as the aforementioned DO-DAI). Well, you could always check out all of the original versions until the album comes out.
  1. (2:40) 妄想☆ふぇてぃっしゅ! / MK feat. CAMRY+mi-mi
  2. (3:21) やっぱり世界はあたし☆れじぇんど!! / Hommarju feat. MAKI
  3. (3:09) プリップリン体操 / MK feat. mi-mi
  4. (3:57) 撲殺天使ドクロちゃん / Acid=Stone Valley feat. Ma15
  5. (4:20) 片道きゃっちぼーる / Dizzi Mystica feat. R.Cena
  6. (3:07) Do-Dai / Acid=Stone Valley feat. MAKI
  7. (4:09) 四角い宇宙で待ってるよ / Rev feat. MAKI+R.Cena
  8. (4:19) 空耳ケーキ / kinoto feat. R.Cena
  9. (3:34) 大魔法峠 / B.U.S feat. MAKI
  10. (3:03) いままでのあらすじ / MK feat. MAKI+mi-mi+TAKANORI
  11. (3:30) ナースウィッチ小麦ちゃんマジカルて~愛のメディスン~ / Icon feat. MAKI
  12. (2:48) 天罰!エンジェルラビィ / MK feat. MAKI
  13. (2:50) ぷにぷに伝説っぽい☆ / Starving Trancer feat. yumemi
  14. (3:55) なのです☆ / Icon feat. MAKI
  15. (3:48) ハナマル☆センセイション / Icon feat. Ma15
  16. (4:09) ワンダーモモーイ/ナムコ / Dizzi Mystica feat. mi-mi
  17. (3:33) 魔法少女マジカルたん! / MK feat. 405+mi-mi
  18. (3:49) 超妻賢母宣言 / Hommarju feat. R.Cena
See anything you like in there? How about two MOSAIC.WAV and three 桃井はるこ songs? Yeah, chances are this is going to fucking rule. Also looking forward to the fripSide cover, but I think we've had enough Dokuro-chan remixes by now. BTW guys, don't go busting too many nuts over Ma15's sweet voice. Yeah she's a killer singer, but also only 11 years old. Fucking hell, Japan!

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