Monday, 22 February 2010

Melo9 wishes you a happy (belated) Valentine's Day

The melo9 girls were sadly absent from C77, but that's probably because they were busy planning a strong 2010 year. Their first release of the year (third overall) came out on February 14th 2010, just in time for Valentine's Day and Tokyo's Comitia 91. To commemorate the event, melo9 rolled out their first Niconico video. For many Japanese denpaphiles, this will actually be an introduction to Rizu and Mero, but faithful Denpa no Sekai readers were exposed to the budding duo as early as August 2009.

Solid hyper-moe-denpa stuff, no? You might want to download the sampler MP3 as well. There's a marked improvement between this latest single and their first two releases (a mini-album and a C76 single). Either way, it's always nice to hear some original compositions from smaller circles every once in a while. Better still, this circle is very open to its non-Japanese fanbase, so feel free to get in touch with them via their blog! They have already promised international mail order in the near future. Ask and ye shall receive!

Currently, they are promoting this new single as well as their past releases, but an M3-25 release is already confirmed (May 5th 2010). It is very refreshing to get advance notice of upcoming denpa releases, compared to the usual last-minute announcements. On the other hand, this also gives Melo9 a strict deadline to work with, so let's wish them great success!

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