Friday, 19 February 2010

Perfume's "Monochrome Effect" on American Dad

Waaaaaaaay too fucking awesome for me not to pass this on to you guys. Wow, I guess that means WE R FROM TEH FUTURZ. What's next, Mandichan on American Idol performing an Under17 song?

Source: [perfume city]


mandichan said...

LOL if only!!

B-DASH said...

that dance! that daaance !!!

there's another final scene in the same chapter with Monocrome Effect; the couple dies and in their grave you can listen to the song xD

Request: I want to se mandichan performing いちごGO! GO! on TV, please.

z411 said...

Music from the future... I'm okay with this.

ScPpY said...

Wow, that is awesome... o.o