Wednesday, 24 February 2010

とろ美 and GENKAN MATT in English-language video series?

Hiiiiiii! My name is Toromi. Nice to meet CHU! ♥

CYBER MEDIA TV are currently probing their virtual non-Japanese audience with a test video that popped up on their youtube account just a few days ago. In a surprising twist, GENKAN MATT speaks impeccable English, as if he spent a couple of years outside of Japan. Our lovely Toromi gets the short end of the stick, but manages to end the video on a cuuuuuute note.

I think I speak on behalf on the entire Denpa no Sekai readership when I say that this project is wholeheartedly supported. Even if it's just 5 minutes long and on a monthly basis, an English-language video series featuring Toromi and GENKAN MATT roaming the streets of Akihabara would be to die for. Or you know what, just have them hanging out and chatting like they do in their other videos, with bonus points if Toromi smashes the shit out of everyone with her pokapoka hammer.

CYMEDIA seem to be pretty open to comments, so go ahead and post your suggestions. Make no mistake, this project ain't going anywhere if it doesn't give their channel more views, so spread the good word Toromi fans!

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Definitely spreading this one around! Thanks for all the latest updates in all things Toromi :3