Saturday, 6 March 2010

Introducing MEGA DENPA HA HA's 100-songs endeavour

So much denpa to write about, so little time these days! My sincerest apologies. However, Yokohama-based @n-Guilla Sounds and their intense project メガ電波ww (Mega Denpa Ha Ha!) is something that definitely deserves your attention. Between October 2009 and July 2010, the new circle/group/label will be releasing one 10-song album per month, for a total of 100 songs in 10 months! They are currently standing at Volume 5, with number 6 due out on March 15 2010.

As you can tell from the series' name, we are dealing with 100 denpa songs. But let's make one thing clear, these are all アニソン (anime song) remixes, unfortunately no original songs. Looking at Volume 1, you can see they went as far back as 1979 for their source material (doraemon). But from then on, any era is game. Volume 2 has Lucky Star, Volume 3 has MOSAIC.WAV (and appropriately bears the subtitle Otagei Compilation), Volume 4 has 8bit and gabber remixes and Volume 5 has a... hard rock remix of KOTOKO's splendid 「七転八起☆至上主義!」. All of them have different covers and subtitles that loosely represent the ensemble of songs on each particular volume.

I say unfortunately no original songs, because these remixes are pretty damn good, even the slow piano ones, and you have to wonder what kind of intense musical destruction these guys (@n-Guilla Sounds) could come up with if they started writing their own tunes. Not to mention they really seem to get what denpa is supposed to mean. In an interview with AllAbout, they define the subgenre as music which "creates an unforgettable impact the moment you hear it". Of course, it's up to personal interpretation whether or not all of their remixes pack the same punch, but in terms of project scope, they certainly hit the spot.

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