Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Birdtune's latest album hits the sweet spot

Birdtune's most recent Touhou Arrange album 「すいーつぱれっと」 was supposed to come out for C77, but manufacturing problems pushed its release date all the way to Reitaisei 7, which happened on March 14th 2010. Speaking of which, here are two pages of totally badass Touhou cosplay pictures from Moe Passion. Between C77 and 例大祭7, nothing changed on the album's tracklist, but Birdtune did revamp their album's page and put up a promotional video as well as a 12-minute long crossfade sampler.

Although the opening track demoed above is pretty good, the highlight would have to be the absolutely devastating Studio皐xななひら duo and their song 「想い!ハーフ&ハーフ」 (1:45 mark on the sampler). Now Satsuki-sama you should be familiar with, but don't miss out on nanahira any longer. She's building an impressive pedigree on NicoNico and recently delivered some killer performances on a couple of C77 albums. More on her later!

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