Monday, 22 March 2010

Enjoy Mirin Furukawa's fantasy today!

古川未鈴 (FURUKAWA Mirin, not to be confused with Birdtune's みりん☆) is one of the many DearStage girls who is much more than just a pretty face. The self-confessed game nerd (who proudly wears a Game Boy Color as an accessory) can also sing and dance, as demonstrated in the above video. Don't forget that she is also 1/4 of DearStage's denpa unit でんぱ組, so she is one busy gal. Her latest single 「みりかる☆ファンタジー」 (2 tracks) comes out today, March 22nd 2010. 電波の世界 RULE #4-a: If an album has a star in its title, you know it's going to be good.

Although she released her first single 「リモコン・ディスコ」 in November 2009, this follow-up sounds like it's really going to define her style. The fantastic album cover certainly is a sight for sore eyes, so that bodes very well. Anybody else getting a Saori@Destiny vibe from that artwork? Sadly the single is not yet available on international webstores (Denpagumi was on CDJapan), but DearStage are looking into this as we speak. It helps that Piyo Rabbie recently performed in Brazil and are getting DearStage increased worldwide visibility.

By the way, the "DearStage all-stars" will be performing at the upcoming momoi/MOSAIC.WAV Shibuya O-EAST concert on May 3rd 2010. Does Mirin qualify as an all-star? She seems to have been with DearStage for long enough, and this would be a great opportunity to push the DenpaGumi brand to a new level. Let's hope she gets a shot!

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B-DASH said...

Furukawa Mirin hair is beautiful. Her eyes too. And her teeth.

She seemed so happy to reach the 8 yesterday.