Monday, 22 March 2010

Denpa no Sekai 2009 Sampler

Aaaaah 2009, year or the intergalactic denpa revolution. How I miss those simple days. But thanks to the power of the internets, the past is forevermore preserved in the form of tube-traveling bits and bytes which will transcend time and space, even as we return to the ashes from which we were born. Thus... I present to you the official Denpa no Sekai 2009 sampler!

Yes, I realize 720p HD is overkill for what is essentially a glorified mixtape, but that's just how I roll. Note that I purposely imposed a limit of one song per circle/singer. If you're a regular 'round these parts, you shouldn't be a stranger to any of those songs. Otherwise, if you're new to the genre or you're trying to "explain" it to one of 'em outsiders, then why not let the music work its magic?

Oh and we're not done with 2009, oh no we're not. While the above video was definitely NOT a top 10 chart, the following list certainly is. On 「電波ソング大賞」, Japanese internet users voted on the best denpa songs of the year and the tally came in on February 1st 2010. Of course these poll results are largely unscientific, but nearly 700 internet users can't be wrong (although over 9000 votes would be preferable).
  1. Princess Party」 by IOSYS
  2. だっこしてぎゅっ!~汝、隣の枕(よめ)を愛せ」 by 民安ともえ
  3. ネガティブゼロ・パラダイス」 by 有栖川みや美
  4. 妄想網 Ж Superluminal」 by MOSAIC.WAV
  5. 弟は白骨化していた」 by 本多真梨子
  6. カメリア! ~Dangerous Camellia Vacation~」 by IOSYS
  7. おとこの娘のトビラ」 by MOSAIC.WAV
  8. 生意気☆いちごミルクDAYO!!」 by ave;new projecto
  9. †メタウサ姫~黒ゆかり王国ミサ~†」 by ゆかり姫
  10. fickle」 by KOTOKO
Pretty solid list! Although I can't pick favourites between my children, I'd say mine would look similar, minus the (*OPINION ALERT!*) needlessly metal ones. We end today's entry with the last ARM/momiji collaboration song of 2009, 「えぐりて☆」 from the C77 album "ROKKENJIMA in LOVE". Don't let ARM's quirky composition and Momiji's totally cute voice fool you, this song might as well be the spiritual successor to the Dokuro-chan OP.


Anonymous said...

The 3D animation in the 妄想網 Ж Superluminal video has always come off as being really creepy to me, so I can't really recommend showing it to anyone, they need to stick to the 2D animation done by hirohiroki which thankfully they went back to with the Heartsnative video.

That seven sins song really clashed with the rest of my Umineko music lineup and I was like wtf when I first heard it...

Anonymous said...

The only thing good about that Japanese top-10 list is that they didn't taint it with anything from that dreadful U. Oh, and there's a KOTOKO song, guess that counts for something.

z411 said...

B....But....U is great.

電波の世界 said...

U is FANTASTIC, but different strokes for different folks, etc.