Sunday, 31 January 2010

Upcoming MOSAIC.WAV concert is a 初音ミク Who's Who

MOSAIC.WAV just sent a communiqué revealing which special guests will perform at their upcoming concert 【We Live Heartsnative!!~ミクとMOSAIC.WAVと仲間たち~】 on February 20th 2010. Of course, mi~ko and kayapi will be flanked by expert Hatsune Miku manipulator 大串友紀 and their usual live band which consists of Big Brother 小池雅也 on guitar, クマキヒロノブ on bass and cat enthusiast 岩田ガンタ康彦 on drums.

The first guest performer to appear on stage will be cosMo@暴走P, otherwise known as one half of cosMoDRIVER. At the risk of rehashing what is probably common knowledge, his most popular composition so far would be the frivolous "Disappearance of Hatsune Miku". However, one would be remiss not to pay some heed to his earlier creations such as the balls-to-the-wall初音ミクの暴走」, one of his first songs but certainly not the least. Another fan favourite would be 「電脳スキル」, which got a chiptune remix from K-> of VORC Records fame. What's more, cosMo has begun contributing tracks to the EXIT TRANCE powerhouse since March 2009, most recently on the Vocalolegend album released on January 21 2010. So he certainly has a great source of audio material ready for his first major concert, but like any good Japanese artist, the guy also possesses some intense illustration skills.

Second on stage will be デッドボール (Deadball), which operates under the 5/4 TAKEPOD circle. Now they've only been releasing Hatsune Miku songs since early 2008, but we're talking an impressive 30+ creations in about two year's time! There's a very interesting reason behind this otherwise unexplainable surge of creativity: circle head honcho 槇タケポン worked at Nihon Falcom for two years between 2005 and 2007! Falcom are known for some of the best videogame soundtracks out there, so it's only reasonable to think that the experience he gained there helped him develop such a productive drive.

Deadball's flagship series is their Dead Ball Project compilation albums, of which there are three volumes. (1, 2, 3) After publicly releasing his first Miku song in March 2008, Takepon was approached by EXIT TUNES and this led to his first major album, which is still one of the highest ranking EXIT products on Oricon. The album also came with its very own (ridiculously hard) SHMUP game! He was also involved in SEGA's Hatsune Miku arcade/PSP game and managed to sneak a few chiptunes on the fabulous ピコ萌え! series. Even more recently, Deadball collaborated with IOSYS (who hasn't? MOSAIC.WAV, that's who) in the form of an 8bit-flavoured track on 2-dimension's latest vocal album, 「parade」, sung by MIKO. Certainly a rising star to keep your eyes on!

Famitsu is once again heavily promoting the upcoming concert, as they should. There's no word yet on whether or not they'll be freely broadcasting the event online as they did the first one, especially since this one is substantially premium-priced at 6000円. But perhaps they'll make a sneak announcement at the last minute, so keep checking back for further details.

** first picture taken from Dengeki Moeoh

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