Sunday, 25 October 2009

MOSAIC.WAV 「LIVE @ 秋葉原UDX」 youtube medley

So I did get up in time to watch the show, but my live stream recording plan wasn't quite up to snuff. I managed to snag decent footage from the last four songs and pretty much all of the encore. The sound quality is pretty good but the video itself, well... it's not like we're in any position to complain. Thanks to Famitsu and Enterbrain for making this possible... although I fully expect one of these two entities to request this video to go down! Save it while you can, but I could always upload the 100MB AVI file somewhere if you ask nicely. Here's what the actual setlist looked like.

4.server error
7.妄想網 Ж Superluminal
8.We Love Akiba-Pop !!


Pillow said...

Wow BIG thanks for uploading this! I wish I could have watched it live... next time maybe...

Thanks!!! =D

Anonymous said...

Looks like Nicovideo yanked it faster than lightning.

Can anyone explain this to me? The video was FREE for everyone to see.