Friday, 16 October 2009

Brandish 2: The Planet Buster (English Trailer)

Yes, I know, no new posts in 2 weeks now. Real-life deadlines aside, I've mostly invested my free time into concocting the following trailer:

Nevermind the trailer, I've actually spent the last 15 months translating this game (not on a full-time basis, of course). This project will soon come to term as indicated by the vague November 2009 release window. Not that there are any kinks to iron out, just gotta work out some logistics. Much as I enjoyed spending all this time translating Brandish 2 and coordinating the whole project, I can't wait to set this beast free and focus on other things.

Regardless, there isn't actually a whole lot happening in the world of denpa these days. Folks like me are still reeling from the devastating hurricane of quality C76 releases. M3 came and went without any significant drops, although a few records came out which I now heavily regret not having someone buy for me. We'll return to our regular denpa coverage shortly.

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