Thursday, 22 October 2009

MOSAIC.WAV 「Heartsnative」 live web broadcast

『Heartsnative/MOSAIC.WAV×鶴田加茂 feat.初音ミク』応援中!

October 21st 2009 has come and gone and brought 「Heartsnative」 with it, the wonderful new MOSAIC.WAV×鶴田加茂×初音ミク crossover album. It actually ranked in seventh on the daily oricon charts, which is no small feat! Impressions should follow shortly but until then, you can check out samples from each song on the rather awesome official website. You should also look at this informative blog entry from mi~ko herself, which accurately details the limited edition's "dress-up" feature.

But here comes the big news, especially for international fans! On Saturday October 24th 2009, Famitsu will stream the MOSAIC.WAV live concert at "entamatsu" (Enterbrain Festival), straight from Akihabara. The show starts at 7PM Japan time (with a test feed going live at 6:40PM), which means 3AM West coast, 6AM East coast and 12PM for our lucky French friends. Use this time converter for your own region.

This is sort of problematic for me; not so much the time, just that I'll be on the road that morning. So here's my request, dear readers: can someone please rip/grab the stream and upload it to youtube? I'm counting on you guys, although I'm not even sure how I would go about it, myself. It seems something like Orbit Downloader could do the job. There's a slight chance that (parts of) the video will go up on the EnterbrainTV youtube channel, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. Preload the UG Live java applet prior to the show (Java and Flash/WMP are required) to be on the safe side.

Update 10/25/09: Everything's under control.


Unknown said...

I'm afraid something like Orbit Downloader isn't going to work, because this will be streaming video. ACTUAL streaming, not "downloading to a temporary directory and play in a Flash applet" that people often mistakingly call streaming. Software exists that can rip from streams, but this seems to be using some kind of non-standard peer-to-peer protocol, so those won't work with this. To make things worse, the video is rendered on an overlay and there doesn't seem to be any way to deactivate it, so screen recording software won't work either.
The only other solutions I can think of is either pointing a camera to the monitor (...yeah.) or something requiring hardware that not many people will have.

Anonymous said...

Right, I was reading on the UG grid features and it does look like it adds a layer of complexity to your standard stream. However, I tested Orbit on a number of live feeds such as NASA and Times Square and it performed really well.

The problem at this point is I can't seem to get the UG Live demo page to load at all. I'll be getting up at 5:30AM to do the test but I'm not too hopeful.

電波の世界 said...

So, the live feed was FANTASTIC!!! (I managed to free myself). I did record some segments because it was also broadcast on, however the program I was using (Replay Media Catcher) kept resetting after about 1 minute of recorded video. I guess I'll slap everything I've got into a montage.