Tuesday, 12 January 2010

NicoTubeDump: CYMEDIA1 and their nutso videos

CyberMedia TV (CYMEDIA1) has recently become a treasure trove of high definition Toromi videos. I'm not sure exactly what the relationship is between the two, other than I guess she works for them. The weird part is the extent of material they provide: GGW is a series of bizarre poka-poka improv / softcore panchira porn that WILL leave you scratching your head. Then they have JEWELS 6th ring or "WOMEN'S FIGHTING ENTERTAINMENT", which features hardcore freeform combat, interviews with Germany-imported boxers and English tongues twisters. They also host the newest episodes of CRAZY OTAKU WORLD OF GENKAN MATT (formerly MATT MADD THE WORLD), which Toromi is a part of. They also seem to be in charge of animating a local shrine with henshin-superhero shows and overall wackiness.

But more to the point, they also promote some denpa music, specifically Toromi's releases and the recent A-POP compilation on which she appeared. Short of going to Japan yourself, this is as close to a Toromi concert as you'll get, considering this 1080p resolution video from the Ishimaru launch event. That's a ... deep performance, barefoot and all.

Speaking of the A-POP album, I'm not sure how well it is being received, but I hope for all involved that it is selling decently. The producer herself (UEDA Sanae) appears on the following video and uses her natural charm to move a couple more units... figuratively and literally?!?

Wondering about that hardcore otaku nerd scolding the stunningly beautiful Sanae about not being on the CD? Good eye... this is none other than 東京メトロちゃん... oh wait now it's メトロポリちゃんV (or simply metrochan), an akiba-idol who became famous for her Dokuro-chan antics of clubbing to death her fans and TV hosts. The scared look on their faces is just priceless, here's another good one that ups the awkward to new heights.

Honestly, I'd welcome a metrochan full-length album with open arms, and I'd let her beat me to a bloody pulp any day of the week!!! Right now she only has a couple of singles which are pretty decent, all things told. Check out this Nicovideo medley for a better idea. By night she's a nurse, but by day she's a fairy who protects people in the subway system!!! Yeah... more in this interview. To finish things off on an even weirder note, here's a wicked crazy original denpa song/video from late last year. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a website for this Usagi-chan circle. All right fucking men, let us get a new job!!

What's that, moar you say? Hai hai, kore! A death metal version of Studio Satsuki's Fami-Mart theme, coming your way!!!


B-DASH said...

Oh...metro-chan....I've started to collect HD pictures of her on the internet because her happy face is crazy.

I'll have to check the other videos on CYMEDIA1 channel!

Unknown said...

This is CYMEDIA1. Thank you for your watching our videos. Now, our main viodes are MMA, MOE, Akihabara and Japnese culture. If you have an opinion for our videos,(ex "I wanna watch more Toromi-chan)please leave your comment on http://www.youtube.com/CYMEDIA1