Sunday, 5 September 2010

Let's catch up with さつきがてんこもり and his latest songs

Although we've covered most of Satsuki's recent collaborations and contributions, it's been about ten months since we introduced him and his original creations that put him on the doujin map. Rest assured he has been very proficient, the fault lies squarely on this writer for lack of diligence. A couple days ago, Satsuki announced some breaking news: he will be doing the ending theme to the Fall 2010 anime series 「俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない」 (shortened to 俺妹 or even oreimou).

Earlier this summer, anime studio aniplex launched a Willy Wonka-esque online contest to award one lucky aspiring composer with the ending theme duty. Not surprisingly, the nicovideo crowd responded en masse with over 1000 videos submitted in a month's time. Sensing that this series could use a straight-up denpa song to wrap up every show with pizazz, Tenkomori enlisted the aid of his friend nanahira and submitted the following video.

It seems many of the other composers used Hatsune Miku (or even no vocals) in their submissions. Perhaps the inclusion of actual female vocals turned the tables in Satsuki's favour, but there's no denying his skills. Clearly, his songs are destined for prime time television, but hopefully they will retain his signature buzz-bass and denpa overtones. It would appear the anime studio also chose a budding artist for the opening theme, awarding it to アリス☆クララ who only uploaded about a dozen cover tracks. A little bird told us nanahira won't be singing the ED theme (which is unfortunate) but hopefully this exposure will be beneficial to her as well.

Just before the oreimou theme, Satsuki uploaded his "big summer hit" 「お断りします」 on June 7th 2010. The original version featured Hatsune Miku but it was soon picked up by multiple singers. To put things in perspective, the song has been listened to at least 1 million times. Satsuki's original upload got about 200k views, but Run's take has over 800k clicks so far! The version featured here is from ななひら, because she is just awesome and deserves every bit of coverage from us.

More recently (August 30th), this little ditty made its way onto the intertubes. Satsuki Studio remixed the popular song ミツバチ for "momobako", who may or may not work for game studio Arc System Works (Guilty Gear, Castle of Shikigami). If you look at the uploaded videos and recent blog entries, you'll notice she provides interesting PV commentary for many of their latest games. There's already another denpa song which is also worth checking out; should we be expecting a mini-album for C79? Hai hai!!

Oh, the 萌え... it burns!!! Check out this insane Dance x Mixer video which ups the moe to unprecedented heights.

Satsuki has many more uploads for you to check out (including this fabulous Kitchen Idol remix) but we'll close today's update with his first international collaboration. Back in March, he was looking for somebody to draw some artwork for one of his upcoming songs. Our own intrepid twitter reporter mandichan stepped up to the plate and the rest is history. Next time your feet hurt, you might wanna consult this song for quick healing.

Stay tuned for another Studio皐 article sooner or later!

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