Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Get hype! MOSAIC.WAV's 2010 うじゅ image song is upon us

When MOSAIC.WAV released a sample of a new うじゅ song in late July, it was a quiet little piece that would calm your spirit and soothe the soul. They're back with a more "traditional" approach, that is to say hyperactive and mind-blowing in every aspect. 『陣取場取!まるたけえべす』 has a lot in common with their three previous image songs, not that you need to hear it from me. Just a few seconds from the above video should have you convinced that they're back for more of what we want to hear. In case you wish to sing along with み~こ, here's the lyrics sheet.

The song was uploaded to うじゅ's very own youtube channel, so go ahead and add her to your friends list. Be nice though, or you'll answer to me. Even though it's only been active for a few days, the channel has some very interesting elements already. For one, we have another unreleased MOSAIC.WAV song 「嵐電数え歌」, which is used to remember the stations on Kyoto's historic randen train line. Furthermore, there's a rather lengthy and interesting interview with うじゅ's (beautiful) character designer ななみんさん. Too bad they didn't give her a better microphone because I can't quite hear what she has to say. Finally there's another interview with one of the head 天狗 behind all of this.


Anonymous said...

No release date for the Single? D':
I like this uju single~ This one is better than the ones prior to this one :D

電波の世界 said...

September 25th. Check out the Denpa Watchlist to your right!