Thursday, 18 June 2009

LOVE BULLETS Reloaded for Third Offensive


Unbelievable, but true. The dynamic LOVE BULLETS duo (磯村カイ and 井上みゆ) will release yet another mini-album on July 31st 2009, their third in eight months. This was only recently announced by their label GWAVE, but the artwork is already out and their banner campaign is in full swing. Once again, Yuzu Soft artists こぶいち and むりりん reprise their roles in drawing the cute LOVE BULLETS mascots, which are still nameless it seems! And you guessed it, FAMISHIN is also going to contribute a track as a guest producer, to everyone's delight.

The six tracks have more or less been confirmed by GWAVE already, with full details and short versions to follow in the weeks to come. They are, however, tossing all sorts of genres in a blender with this one: Denpa, AgeAge (that's a new one to me, but it basically means Get up! Get up!), Moe R&B and Japan-Techno-Pops. Oh well, they can call it whatever they want, we know it's gonna turn out great either way. One of the confirmed songs is particularly interesting, namely a Special Remix of last year's Sister Magic OP theme. It was already pretty damn good, so it'll be interesting to see how TONAKAI can mix it up. Don't look for the ChiChi Ninja theme song here though, that'll be on GWAVE's 2008 Second Experience, coming out June 26th.

Remember the Angel Magister commercial that popped up about a month ago? Mana just put out the standalone opening demo movie, so check out a 2-minute preview of a song that will most likely be on the fourth LOVE BULLETS album later this year...


Gekkameron said...

Thanks for this news, I am a fan of 電波 music but I've never taken that much notice of LOVE BULLETS. But I think I might do now because of my interest in Angel Magister. Do you think you can recommend any other LOVE BULLETS stuff? Thank you in advance!

電波の世界 said...

Thanks for commenting. I think even in Japan, they're not that big yet. I have this knack for finding out about small artists before they make it "big". These days, I'm all about Kukudodo, melo9 (thanks mandi) and Birdtune's Mirin.

Have you looked at the TONAKAI tag that I use? That should link you to a bunch of videos and more songs. They've only been together since late 2008, but what's impressive is that this is already their third mini-album. I'd say they're at about 20 songs now, not including the instrumental intros they usually throw on their records.

Oh and I recently spoke to TONAKAI's Isomura Kai and here's his definition of AgeAge-Pop:

"アゲアゲ" means... "High tension" or "Strongly feeling good", I think.
(or "upper feeling?") I wish this helps you to understand.

Good enough, my man.