Saturday, 6 June 2009

ave;new project hits hard with nonstop mix

The second ave;new project is just under one week away from coming out, after being hit with a myriad of delays. doreCHU gave the growing website a much sought-after update: a link to a 5 minute long nonstop mix containing a preview from each track off the upcoming album. Recent updates also include a short version (1:15) preview of 「ふわっFuワッホー☆メイプルまじっく!!」, sung by the lovely (and frequently naked) 柚木涼香 (YUZUKI Ryouka).

There are plenty of surprises on board, such as the return of 井上みゆ (INOUE Miyu) and 榊原ゆい (SAKAKIBARA Yui) to the ave;new fold, if only a temporary one. Huh, one of the questions I had for Miyu in the LoveBullets interview was whether or not she would work with ave;new again. She declined to answer, now I know why! Also, I think I may have heard that Sakakibara song before, but I'm not sure. Maybe a certain fan of hers can fill us all in.

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Anonymous said...

Steady Kiss itself isn't a new song (it first appeared in the eroge 'Step x Steady' in 2007), but this appears to be a new remix so it still should count as a new track.