Friday, 12 June 2009

Yui Sakakibara's Mad Summer of Compilation Love

The otaku-pleasing-yet-otagei-prohibiting JPop diva may have had an extremely busy first half of 2009, but that doesn't mean she's planning to take any vacation this summer. Of course the biggest concert of her life is approaching rapidly, as she takes the Saitama Super Arena stage on August 23rd along with a host of other elite artists gathered for the Animelo 2009 RE:BRIDGE concert. In terms of releases though, she's got not one, not two but THREE brand new compilation albums coming out in the near future.

The first one is titled 「DreamParty メモリアルアルバム」 and actually already came out on May 5th at the Dream Party (duh) Tokyo event, but will be available to the general public on June 30th. It compiles twelve unreleased and/or re-arranged songs from her 2004-2006 repertoire. It's possible that this re-release might get different jacket artwork, since neither amazon nor ota-suke are showing the album's cover at the moment.

Then we have another compilation which was apparently heavily requested by fans, that is to say her first four singles on the same disc. 「LOVE×singles」 comes out mere days after the Dream Party Memorial album, on July 3rd to be exact. There's no word on whether any of these songs will be remixed/remastered/what-have-you, but it's a safe bet that they'll be the exact same versions that could be found on the 「jewelry days」 (2004, produced by DJ SHIMAMURA!), 「此の花咲ク頃」 (2005), 「Eternal Destiny」 (2005) and 「Imitation」 (2006) singles.

Last but not least... her fifth full-length album is also coming out this summer! It's slated for August 26th, but you can be sure that advance copies will be sold at Animelo. This was just recently announced (June 10th) so the only details we have right now is that the album will contain 15 songs; 11 of her latest eroge compositions and 4 new ones. That's it for now. Oh wait, we have the title too... 「Yeeeeell!」. Yeah, no kidding. I like to end my posts with a bit of a snark, but I don't believe anything else needs to be said right now.

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電波の世界 said...

Oh she also has a new eroge theme up here:

and she has yet another upcoming one, this time for a Monster Collection trading card game.

Like I said, very busy!